Narrator and Independent Developer Vulnerabilities

Daniel Benmerghi of Ludomancy is an Argentine independent game designer who I have respected for a long time because his approach to creation is so unique and explosive in design. He has created some incredible thought-provoking games like Today I Die and I Wish I Were the Moon, and in today’s Annapurna Showcase he showcased Storyteller, a game that first debuted in 2008 but is now ready to go. with the world.

Storyteller is a creative take on the puzzle genre in which players have complete freedom to tell the story of their choice. Whether it’s comedy or heartbreaking tragedy, players are presented with a toolbox filled with characters, setting, and emotion to create a narrative that can inspire love, revenge, and resonate with the deeper depths of our emotions. Twist a supernatural tale if you like it, or choose a more Shakespearean way; The choice is yours.

Sitting with Benmergui, he reveals to us the more vulnerable side of game development, especially in a story like this. There is a lot of himself in this game, and after so many years preparing for its release, he admits that the thought of launch day scares him a little. “In case [Storyteller]It was very ambitious, he says. – Why don’t you make a game about people making stories? It’s very difficult to relate to other things we’ve done. ”

Since the game was introduced many years ago, preparing for launch is a double-edged sword. It’s exciting, but it also raised some concerns about the public reaction, doubly due to the fact that he put so much of himself into the story, speaking creatively. “One of my concerns is you,” he says. “Was it worth the wait? I don’t know, because most people are going to delve into history, having never seen a game like this before. So I don’t know what’s going to happen, and yes. That scares me. “

He also discovers that it’s hard not to invest yourself in what you create as a creator, and that the difference between an AAA developer and an independent developer gives more benefits to this innate fear. “I grew up in AAA, and then if we send something and people react badly, we can just bring that blame to the very top. As an independent creator, the blame falls on me. you will be judged by everything. As an independent creator, you will be judged by everything. You have more freedom, yes, but that in itself is scary, it’s like a free fall. I had a team that supported me, but what if it doesn’t meet? ”

Expressed vulnerability adds to the emotional depth of the upcoming game. It’s personal, it’s equally based on greatness and realism. This is fair. The narrator tells his own story. We all had moments of triumph. Love and loss. Fear and victory. Doubt and contentment. Storyteller allows players to control the storytelling, just like the development team did. I have no doubt that with all the care and enthusiasm of this team, including Benmergui himself, Storyteller will continue the studio’s excellent track record of creating incredible stories.

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