My Nintendo Store UK Adds New Splatoon 3 Sticker Reward

Image: Nintendo

We’re all gearing up for the release of Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2022 in just a few hours, and it looks like My Nintendo Store takes part in the promotion by adding a new franchise-themed award to its catalog.

Starting today, the store is offering the Splatoon 3 Sticker Pack for 300 Platinum Points. It consists of three different sheets of Splatsville-inspired stickers, made up of logos and stickers that you may have seen stuck to lockers in the game.

The award is a new offering for the UK, although the US store has been offering an identical product – Splatoon 3: Graffiti Sticker Pack – since the game’s release in September (at a higher price of 400 Platinum Points, mind you). . Perhaps this is a sign that the UK store will follow suit and soon also offer the Splatsville shopping bag. Somehow we doubt it.

However, you may not have enough of these stickers to fully prepare for tomorrow’s update. Check out our announcement below to make sure you know everything we have to offer.

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