My Nintendo Adds Some Pretty Good Metroid Dread Wallpapers

With Metroid dread Now that he’s out in the wild and has established himself, he has undoubtedly gained a lot of fans and continues to spark interesting discussions about where he is in the iconic series. For those who love it a lot, My Nintendo has added a few rewards available that might seem tempting.

The loyalty service offers three wallpapers with art from the game. Below are the basic versions that you can view, however, by purchasing them on My Nintendo, you will get up to 4K resolution in landscape orientation, as well as a range of portrait versions that will work on phones and tablets; the first is free and the other two are the standard 50 Platinum Points.

Metroid Dread (Samus Aran) – 0 Platinum Points

Image: Nintendo

Metroid Dread (Energy Suit) – 50 Platinum Points

Horrible wallpaper3
Image: Nintendo

Wallpaper – Metroid Dread (EMMI) – 50 Platinum Points

Horrible wallpaper3
Image: Nintendo

We think it’s a good idea to exchange them if you have spare points. Remember to sign up for My Nintendo every week to get some simple free Platinum Points, especially if you don’t play or earn coins on big N mobile games.

Let us know if you plan to add any of these wallpapers to your devices.

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