Mother 4 “Unofficial Fan Project” Revealed, Here’s Your First Look

If you have asked Nintendo to release a new entry in Mother episode, here’s the potentially next best thing it ever sees. This is a fan-made sequel to the acclaimed RPG series Mother 4.

There is a four-minute showcase trailer introducing fans to a new character named Aaron and a number of other band members. Here’s some more information from the game’s website:

“Three young men discover an unwelcome visitor deep in the forest, and America is turned upside down! An urban teenager named Aaron must tour the United States to deal with the aftermath of that fateful encounter and uncover the story behind the “rift shells” – ancient artifacts of PSI’s astonishing power and dubious origins. On his journey through the suburbs of the donkey and impossible dungeons, he will meet the self-confident mechanic Maggie, the reserved but experienced Troy, the dense but kind-hearted sorceress Trism, along with many other loyal allies and eccentric opponents. They will lift the veil of an untouchable entity that pulls the strings of the earth, able to break the rules and increase the chances against our heroes, just to use the power of the Rift Shells for an absolute yet unknown purpose … But there is nothing to worry about if you have friends behind you, right ? “

Apparently, concerns have already been raised about the closure of Nintendo “Mother 4”, and there is a message at the beginning of the video that the project and developers are not affiliated with Nintendo or Shigesato Itoi:

“Mother 4 is an unofficial fan project and its developers are not affiliated with Nintendo, HAL Labs, Shigesato Itoi or any of its affiliates. We are independent developers working on the game in our spare time. Please support Nintendo and Hobonichi if you can. “

This name should not be confused with Weirdness is another fan work that also started as “Mother 4” and has been renamed.

However, Nintendo has its own history of completing fan projects – earlier this year, the company took action against fan-made 2D game Metroid Prime. Some people think that there is nothing to worry about, but Itoi seems open to others treating the mother

The developer of “Mother 4” also drew attention to the same problems associated with game site:

Are you guys worried about Nintendo shutting you down?

Not at all! Tldr: Nintendo seems to only be dealing with remakes of existing games or controversial fan games.

So what are your first impressions? Do you think “Mother 4” can live up to its title if released? Leave a comment below.

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