Mortal Kombat HD Developer Wants To Remake The OG Trilogy But Needs Your Support

If you dreamed about Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remake on Nintendo Switch you can check out the Eyeballistic petition.

The same team reached out to co-creator Ed Boone back in 2016 with Mortal Kombat HD. Although he was totally in favor of it, Warner Bros. (the owner of Mortal Kombat IP) did not really believe in the project and allegedly was not sure that the game would sell over 100,000 units worldwide.

Now that Eyeballistic has become a legitimate development group – providing and signing contracts for the production of games for multiple platforms, he wants to give him another chance, so he put up petition on… Even the above proof of concept (by the way it looks amazing).

The petition has already garnered 15,000 signatures, and while the site has a target of 25,000, the team says it is looking for 100,000 supporters. There is also a social media campaign promoting the hashtag. #BBMKT – “Bring Back the Mortal Kombat Trilogy.”

Eyeballistic goes on to explain how it has improved its online rollback technology with some proprietary technology – to further improve GGPO and smoothen long-range play. To do this, he will use Epic’s online services, which will also allow the game to be cross-playable and have a chance to be accepted into FGC tournaments.

In addition, the developer “painstakingly recreates every detail of every scene and character” in stunning 3D. This includes fatality, cruelty, friendship, and bestiality. Characters and scenes will also be updated to 4K on supported platforms and 60fps gameplay – with the intention of including Unreal Engine 5 in the game. All music will also be reworked.

“The target platforms for the release will be Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PS5 and PC. We expect the game to be priced at $ 39.99 and will include everything from the original MK Trilogy, plus standard multiplayer matches and world leaderboards. If you want this remake to make it happen, please show your support by signing the petition. When we reach 100,000 supporters, we will turn to the WB with a plan to use crowdfunding to demonstrate once again that the game will sell like crazy! “

Would you like this project to be approved? Would you buy this? Let us know in the comments.

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