‘Morphcat Collection’ brings Homebrew NES goodness to the Evercade family

Blaze has just announced the next Evercade release, with a special focus on the NES.

Morphcat Games Collection 1 will include five games from titular German studio, including the “massive local multiplayer hit” Micro Mages. The brand new addition Micro Mages Second Quest also debuts in this Evercade set.

Here are the included games:

  • Micro Magi
  • Astronaut seagulls
  • böbl
  • Super Bat Puncher Demo
  • Second micromage quest

And here is the PR:

Morphcat Games’ standout hit, Micro Mages, has now become an infamous title not only for its incredible 4-player local co-op play, but also for their open approach to the development process. The studio went into detail about the challenges of developing a new modern game for original hardware as small as 40 KB. Their intention was to create a game designed today, but with the same limitations as the developers in the 1980s, by writing the game in the 6502 ASM coding language. The result was Micro Mages.

This means that not only is it a great 8-bit game, but a game that could be played like any other back in the 1980s. Along with that, Spacegulls is an enjoyable platformer that is often used for speedrun competitions and was recently featured at the Games Done Quick charity event. Bobl is an entertaining platform game that challenges players’ skills to navigate difficult water passages without exploding.

Along with the three main games, there are two bonus games. The long-loved Super Bat Puncher demo is here in all its glory, as well as the aforementioned first post of Micro Mages’ extended second quest.

Pre-orders for Morpchat Games Collection 1 begin on March 31st, with the pack going on sale on May 31st.

Blaze is also teasing something related to Intellivision for today:

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