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Rise of the monster hunter
Image: Capcom

We are approaching the one year mark Rise of the monster hunter and Capcom still shows strong support for the title.

Just a few weeks ago, the company released the PC version of the game on Steam, and most recently it was announced that the game has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. The Sunbreak DLC is also in development.

Now, in the latest news – version 3.8.0 patch update has been released – it contains new event quests (coming soon) and bug fixes. Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of the game’s official site:

Patch: Version 3.8.0


  • In order to use the DLC and play online, you need to update Monster Hunter Rise to the latest version.
    • – You can check which version you have on the bottom right corner of the title screen.
    • -Nintendo Switch Online membership required for online play.
  • If you do not have Internet access, you can play a local multiplayer game as long as all players are using the same version of the software.
    • – Please visit the Nintendo Support page for more information.

Available January 27, 2022

Major additions/changes

  • Notifications for additional content, etc. will now appear on the title screen and on the courier.
    You can enable/disable this by going to Options > Promotion.
  • Some text in Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese will now display in calligraphic font.
  • New event quests will be available every week.
  • New downloadable content can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Bug fixes / Miscellaneous


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Host to appear with a Kohut on their hand on the guest screen if the Host canceled their Kohut call at the moment the guest enters the Lobby.


  • Fixed an issue where the monster fall animation would sometimes not play to the end.
  • Fixed an issue where some attacks, such as Sticky Ammo, would sometimes not deal damage if they hit at the same time as breaking the mud crust around the Yuratodus’ neck.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the 4th color of the Type 1 outfit to be different in the miniature from the actual model.
  • Fixed an issue that caused hair to clip through armor when combining certain hairstyles with certain armor pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where the same hairstyles would show different numbers on the character edit screen and the addons screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the back sideburns of the Long Hinoa and Long Minoto hairstyles to cut through the skin.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the player character’s upper arm being cut off when combining certain armor and belt armor.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character and buddies would sometimes appear at the same time on the preview screen when “Change Gear” is selected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused buddies to show up in their old armor on the save file selection screen if you changed their armor by following certain steps.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused elemental effects on friends’ weapons that didn’t have an element on them.
  • Fixed an issue where the recovery guide would sometimes not be displayed when the player is first subjected to a limiting attack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crafting item consumption issues under certain circumstances when using items through the radial menu while the player’s weapon is drawn.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to always perform a running landing if they hit the ground with a switch ax in sword mode.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when transitioning from dodging backwards to slashing forward with Dash Blade while in Sword Mode.


  • Fixed an issue where the Prism Spiribird color would not display correctly in the map icon list.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash due to a long loading time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze if you perform certain actions on the Mutual Likes list that results in an empty slot and then select that empty slot.
  • Fixed various text errors.
  • Various other bug fixes have been made.

Have you already downloaded this update? Did you notice anything else? Leave a comment below.


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