Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Part II Update Now Live – Here’s How To Get It On Switch

The day has finally arrived: Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Part II update has arrived for both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game, bringing a new generation of world and some pretty beautiful new caves.

We already covered how the next generation of terrain works when we got our gloves on Snapshot earlier this year, but after a few more tweaks, patches, fixes and updates, the official release of Caves & Cliffs Part II is much more stable. an experience.

To download the new update to the Switch, go to the Minecraft icon on your home screen, press the + button to open Options, go to Software Update and select Via Internet. This will check for an update even though it might have already been downloaded automatically.

In terms of updating existing worlds, Mojang has provided instructions:

How can I update my world?
In Bedrock Edition, after upgrading to 1.18 and going to download an existing world, you will be prompted to ask if you want to back up this world. If you really want to take a backup, be sure to click on the hint and then click to refresh your world and start playing.

Unfortunately, some features originally planned for Caverns and Rocks Part II, such as the Deep Darkness biome, Sentinel, and archeology, have been moved into the background. next update 1.19 titled “Wild Update”.

Here changelog for Bedrock Edition (this is the one on Switch):

  • Increased the height and depth of the world, added 50% more vertical space for building and research.
  • A new generation of caves to explore under existing worlds
  • New cave and mountain biomes such as Lush Caverns and Jagged Peaks.
  • Significantly updated and improved biome, cave and ore generation.
  • Added several new music tracks for listening while playing.
  • Fixed over 70 bugs, issues and parity changes.

If you have an existing World, Realm or Server and want to know how these changes affect your world, check Convenient Minecraft FAQ for updating the world

Have you updated your world or created a new one? Let us know your thoughts for the moment!

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