Minecraft will add dirt, frogs and more in 2022

Fans at the live event cheer on a fake frog and mud image from Minecraft.

Photo: Kotaku / Mojang / Hannah Foslin (Getty Images)

Bye mine craft it was around, there was mud and water. But so far, no dirt. Or frogs. Well, everything will change next year when Minecraft next big update. Adds mud blocks, frogs, boats with chests and new swamps. Fans are losing shit to all this.

These years Minecraft Today’s event ended earlier and, as before, the event was filled with news about the future. mine craft updates and content. And while a lot has been announced, frogs and dirt are some of the things that fans are going crazy about at the moment. All this excitementeven if none of these materials fall into mine craft until 2022 through the upcoming Wild Update.

Dirt in mine craft works like dirt in real life. You add some water to the mud and you’re done, you’ve got mud. Players will also be able to find natural mud in swampy biomes. If you create or find a mud block and place it in a dry place in the sun, it will eventually dry out and turn into clay. You can also add sand and wheat to the mud block to create clay bricks that can be used to build houses, castles, or anything else you want to make from dried mud.

Frogs also jump on mine craft next year, as well as tadpoles… Frogs look great, especially as their throats widen as they croak. I guess dirt and frogs are easy to find together. What a world!

Much more was announced during the event today, which you can read about here.… But if you check Twitter is mostly people who collectively go crazy over mud blocks and frogs… It looks like a lot of this has to do with some of the community jokes revolving around popular youtuber and also (sadly) terrible mine craft “Review” created by the formerCinemasacre / Angry Video Game Nerd participant Mike Matey featuring Brown Bricks. This is generally a strange thing.

But aside from all this, I think that dirt is the perfect new building material to add to mine craft… It feels like he should have been in the game since its first launch. Instead, it took about ten years. Judging by the community’s reaction, the wait was worth it, if only for the memes.

And if you think about it, just yesterday we also have a Froggy Chair.… Truly, we are living in a golden age where video game memes are becoming reality.

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