Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Fair Begins October 19th – Pets, Mobs & More

Image: Mojang

During the Minecraft Dungeons segment at Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang announced that they would be releasing season 3 of the dungeon crawler action-adventure game, officially titled Fauna Faire. Apparently, it’s “all about pets” – and a slew of new animal mobs will be introduced, such as otters, penguins, and even hedgehogs.

“Pets will rotate all season” with unlocks including animal-themed cosmetics and even emotes. There is also a new jungle biome mission “Tree Top Tangle” that will be available for free.

A new merchant known as the Enhantsmith will also be moving into the camp in the next update, allowing you to override the properties of your favorite pieces of equipment.

Last but not least is the Tower expansion. Fauna Faire’s new “tower multiplayer mode” supports up to four players, requiring players to work together to overcome threats and rise to the top. The game will also adapt to the difficulty as players join or leave.

In addition to that, the Spooky Fall event is also on its way to Minecraft Dungeons. This event will feature limited-time rewards and will run from October 26 to November 9.

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