Metroid’s Ridley also receives an October reprint

© Nintendo

From time to time, Nintendo likes to reprint older amiibo alongside newer versions on the Switch. We first saw it with amiibo from the Zelda line, and now it’s Metroid’s turn.

After the news u Amiibo Samus scuru yes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had obtained a reprint in the United States, it has now also been discovered that Ridley obtains it as well. The downside is, Ridley’s friend will be a GameStop exclusive.

Metroid© Nintendo

Both Dark Samus and Ridley amiibo will be released alongside the launch of Metroid Dread on October 8th. Nintendo has it too highlighted the amiibo functionality which will be featured in Metroid Dread, but only for the new Samus figure and the EMMI figure.

Were you able to secure the Ridley amid when it was originally released? Can you take one of these reprints alongside Metroid Dread? Tell us in the comments.


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