Metroid Prime Engineer “let down” due to the exclusion of the original credits in the remaster

Image: Nintendo

Earlier this week, Nintendo surprised almost everyone when they released Metroid Prime Remastered after years of incessant rumors.

Bye majority people are happy, it seems not everyone is happy there. Former Retro Studios engineer Zoid Kirsch, who recently mentioned that he was not very impressed with the quality of the doors in the remaster, has now expressed his disappointment with the game’s credits, noting that they do not include the full original credits.

Instead, it’s a single screen, simply noting that the remaster is “based on the work of the Metroid Prime developers”:

Zoid Kirsch (ur.@ZoidCTF): “Despite the fact that many studios have done an amazing job on the remaster, I am disappointed that the Metroid Prime remaster does not include the full copyrights of the original game. I have worked on the game with many great people, and the names of all should be included in remaster, not one such card.

Kirsch originally worked on Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the GameCube as a Senior Gameplay Engineer. This situation is not entirely unique, another the original development teams are also excluded from the game credits of remasters and remakes at this time.

A similar story with Pac-Man World Re-PAC surfaced last year and Bandai Namco fixed the original staff credits.

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