Metroid Dread Senior Programmer Leaves MercurySteam to Join Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Developer

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Metroid Horror was arguably the standout release on the Nintendo Switch last year. Since then, it’s won awards, received updates, and the last thing we checked was on the cusp of becoming the best-selling Metroid game of all time.

Spanish developer MercurySteam has unveiled its next project, a third-person, multi-platform dark fantasy role-playing game. This is a new chapter for the company, and with that in mind, not everyone behind the award-winning Metroid Dread game will be left out.

Metroid Dread Senior Gameplay and Player Programmer Carlos Fraguas Pizarro has announced that he has left his position at MercurySteam after almost seven years. Although it has been around since development Metroid: Return of Samus for 3DS, according to him LinkedInhe worked on the free online game MecurySteam. space lords while.

He announced this career upgrade on twitter – stating that it was “one of the most difficult decisions” he had to make. At the same time, he revealed that he would be moving on to Digital Legends Entertainment, another Spanish developer that had just announced that it was building Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile devices.

Well, time for an update! It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I recently quit my @mercurysteam job. I have been very fortunate to share these years with an amazing group of incredibly talented people who have given me the chance to grow and develop games that I am truly proud of.

At least I want to think about something. You know I’m a big fan of Nintendo and Metroid in particular. Working on Metroid Dread, and even more so as a player programmer, has been a lifetime achievement. We put our hearts into it and tried to make it the best it can be. Continuing the legacy of this IP that I have loved for so many years, adding some personal touches that I can’t describe in words.

I want to thank the entire team for their commitment and the entire community for the love and praise the game has received. And a special thanks to the speedrunner community! Finally, let me single out two of the dozens to whom I am indebted: @thenend (MS gameplay programmer) and @stehcnics (leading MS programmer). They taught me a lot about the feel of the gameplay, player-centric design, and how to be a great leader. Thanks.

The news follows yesterday’s MercurySteam update announcing that the Metroid Dread Game Award for Best Action/Adventure has finally arrived at his office.

On behalf of the Nintendo Life community, we wish Carlos all the best in his new role at Digital Legends.

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