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It’s gettI amcloser and closer to Thanksgiving, which means that it receiving closer and closer to Black Friday. Until that big day of sales, many stores, publishers and retailers are already offering discounts on games and consoles. For example, Switch game Membrane regularly $ 9.99, but now it sells for … uh … well, it can’t be. Is it on sale for $ 250?

As noted Nintendo life, a casual Switch game first released in 2018 and usually sells for $ 10, currently goes 25 times that price. The game, Membrane, this is some kind of puzzle. That’s how official store page describes it:

Membrane is a creative action puzzle game in which you build, twist and break the world around you, experimenting to create your own solutions. Curved bridges, wobbly stairs, and wobbly structures are just the beginning of what you’ll do to test the limits of this strange, daytime world!

The membrane was designed to give the player a creative space to interact and create their own unique solutions. Puzzles are NOT designed to rely on trickery or a lock and key approach to testing players. Instead, the game was created to reward the player’s creativity and experimentation. Get your thinking cap on friends!

And here is a video of how it works. Let me know if this looks like a $ 250 game:

So what’s going on here? Why is this 2018 game suddenly selling for $ 250? Perhaps it typomaybe it should have sold for $ 2.50 and someone just forgot to add a decimal point. May be? Or maybe it’s a bizarre method of money laundering that I’ve never heard of before, and it’s part of an elaborate criminal scheme that goes unnoticed by law enforcement.

Or the publisher behind Membranee wanted to get more attention to him and his other games, and so at a time when most games are getting big discounts, he raised the price to $ 250 to get attention… Well, if so, I think congratulations.

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