Megaquarium’s Freshwater Frenzy DLC Coming To Consoles Later This Month

Auroch Digital announced that Megaquarium’s “Freshwater Frenzy” DLC, which Steam players loved when it launched on PC in 2020, is now heading to consoles later this month.

The expansion is coming to Switch on January 25; the price has not yet been revealed, but it is expected to be similar or slightly higher than the current price of £ 9.29 on Steam. It adds five new levels in the freshwater campaign, 30 freshwater species, seven new aquariums, new accessories and items, and new paint to decorate your aquarium.

Want to know more about what you can enjoy? Read more:

New inhabitants – including reptiles!
Freshwater Frenzy brings 30 – yes, THIRTY – new fish and three reptiles; Eastern long-necked turtle, pygmy crocodile and green anaconda. Each of these new inhabitants has new care needs, new reservoirs, new challenges, and reptiles need reservoirs that will allow them to live on land and in water.

Breed and hybridization
For the first time in the history of Megaquarium, you will be able to breed and cross fish. Make sure you check the individual breeding requirements of each animal, which can be anything from where eggs are laid to a specific temperature. But this is not limited to breeding them, you will also have to give these cubs all your attention so that you can raise them well.

In addition to breeding, you will also be able to create hybrids of some species and use selective breeding to be able to create combinations of colors and patterns that suit your personal tastes.

Keep track of the pH scales
Freshwater Frenzy also adds a new challenge in the form of pH scales. Some of the new animals you meet will require you to maintain a specific pH scale in their tanks, which you can do with passive sources or leave it up to the machines!

Educate and entertain your guests
Convey the knowledge you’ve learned with posters that can tell your visitors facts about the exhibitions they are associated with. Make sure you are fun and informative, and choose the exhibits they involve wisely!

New vehicles, tanks and perspectives
Freshwater Frenzy brings not only new animals, but also suspended platform tanks that allow your guests to view aquariums from a whole new perspective, and can also connect different areas of your aquarium. There are new aquariums for your reptile friends too that are both land and water friendly so they can be happy reptiles.

Have you played the base game on Switch yet? I think you want dive go back to the next round with this new DLC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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