Mega Man X DiVE Datamine Discovers Links To Nintendo Switch

Image: Capcom / Nebula Joy

It looks like another Mega Man game might be on its way to the Nintendo Switch. Release of action-packed platformers for Android and iOS. Rockman x divedeveloped by Capcom Taiwan and released worldwide for smartphones in select regions earlier this year.

According to Mega Man’s fan site, Rockman Corner, the data developers discovered a “series of lines” in the game’s client, suggesting an action platformer be brought to the Nintendo Switch. Mega Man X DiVE may be on the way – with links to amiibo and NS:


It is reported to be the same as Mega Man X DiVE Port Revealed For PC And Steam… As for the mention of amiibo – there is a specific mention of it being “useless”, presumably referring to this game. will not support Nintendo NFC numbers.

Please be aware that nothing is official – and as far as we know, it could be leftover or unused data. If we learn of any changes, we will definitely inform you about it.

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