Mega Man artist and creator of Mighty No. 9 Keiji Inafune Returns With The NFT Project

Mega Man painters Mighty No. 9 creator Keiji Inafune appears to be working on a new NFT project known simply as “Beastroid”.

A countdown website on Japanese NFT marketplace PolkaFantasy reveals that the legendary artist has designed his first futuristic NFT collection.

“Beastroid Vol 001 is Inafune-san’s first futuristic NFT collection integrated with incredible utilities. As it enters the Metaverse, PolkaFantasy is proud to present the official debut of the robo-revolution collection on its new Marketplace 2.0.”

There’s even some lore out there, noting that there’s a whopping 2620 Beastroids… (NFT translation) that will presumably be up and running by July.

“The world’s first NFT-revolution aimed at the future, when 2620 Bestroids land on Earth to save all people. In 20xx humans are in danger of extinction. In their hope to survive, Paradise is their destination. An organization led by wealthy man Ethan has deployed Sentinel V to defend the area and kill any person who tries to break through. To strike back, the Bestroids are the only hope for the future of mankind.”

The roadmap also shows how Bastroid owners will eventually be able to explore the “infinite potential” of these NFTs, and owners will be entitled to “enjoy the privilege” of interacting with Infafune through various social events.

Although Keiji Inafune has experience with Capcom series such as Street Fighter and Mega Man, in recent years it has been his Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9 hit the headlines. When this game was finally released, it didn’t impress the public. There were also performance issues, and it was ultimately found that “zero progress” had not been achieved in the portable ports.

Here are just a few of the Beastoids that Inafune has worked on – all of which drew inspiration from the Mega Man series with their appearance:


Since NFTs have really taken off, other individuals and companies have joined in, such as Konami.

What do you think of Keiji Inafune being involved in the NFT? Leave your thoughts below.

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