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  • Door of Death is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!
  • Players are pushed into a strange and curious world where Crows are tasked with collecting the souls of the dead.
  • Learn about some of the strange and wonderful personalities you will encounter soon on your journey.

A few months ago we unveiled it Door of Death – Available today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – our dark and extravagant action-adventure on a sword-armed raven tasked with recovering the souls of the dead. Since the announcement, the response has been incredible. We’ve had a lot of faith in our idea for this game since we started developing it almost four years ago, but it was very reassuring to see how enthusiastic everyone else is about being a bird with a sword and exploring this world. unusual thing we created!

We wanted to share a little more about the world you will be entering, and a handful of characters you can expect to meet soon on your journey.

Play as a raven working for the enigmatic Reaping Commission, a bureaucratic organization that has been ruined by a mysterious creature known as the Lord of the Gates. The Reaper stops at its main office headquarters known as the Gates Room, waiting for business to enter.

The Crows

The Racists in the commission are all Ravens, ruined to carry the souls of the dead. They use a series of gates that can connect two points in space to travel around and complete their tasks. This technology passed to them by the Lords of the Gates runs with the energy of the soul, so having a stable supply of souls entering the Commission is a must. Of course you will be rewarded, with upgrades that will improve combat in exchange for your hard earned souls.

These days, tasks are few and far between. Most of the life in the world has slowly disappeared and there are not many living beings left to die, so there is not so much soul to gather. So, it’s the office talk when you are suddenly assigned a Giant Soul as your next mission! Anime acts as a kind of currency in the raven economy – landing a Giant Soul would be a big payday!

Steadhone the Gravedigger

One of the first characters you will encounter while heading out for your adventure is Steadhone. He is the guardian of the graves in the Lost Cemetery, an old sweet soul who has taken on the duty of making sure that the dead of the island receive a proper funeral and burial.

Door of Death

Steadhone has an unusual problem that is certainly unique among the characters you will encounter in this world … he can’t die, even from the feathered hands of a reaper. He thinks his time in this world is over and he should have spent several months ago, but he continues to live. You can learn more about his background story if you dive deeper into the secrets in the world of the Gate of Death, but in the meantime, you will certainly give him a sense of purpose as he sends a lot of work his way (collecting so many anime). )!


Another character you’ll encounter on your journey also has a curse to carry – even if it’s very strange; has a peg for a head. The strange Witch of the Urn cursed him for being forever laden with a ceramic noggin. Why? Who knows? We have, we know – but you have to play the game to find out.

Pothead is a simple gardener with simple desires, has no interest in combat, but greatly prefers gardening, citing himself as a passionate horticulturist, having left beautiful green pots with soil all over the place. These pots end up being your wildest, allowing you to plant seeds you find in the world that grow in flowers that give you health! Thanks, Pothead!

Door of Death

The Witch of the Ballot Box

The mysterious Witch who has sickened your new friend Pothead resides in a magnificent mansion, surrounded by lush (but a little dangerous) majestic gardens. Vases, urns, and pottery light up every corner of his magnificent home, some of which even have a mind of their own.

You will have the opportunity to meet and talk to her several times on your trip and take a look in the mind of this rather nice and welcoming old lady (although obsessed with the pot). How could someone so hospitable have inflicted a curse on Pothead?

It’s the first of three Giant Anime you have to pick to unravel the mysteries behind it Door of Death, and as you interact with her you will learn more about her motivations, and the impact she has had on the world around her.

Door of Death

This was just a small taste of the particular world of Door of Death and its inhabitants, who we hope you will find sympathetic, intriguing, and sometimes comic. You will meet these characters at the beginning of your journey, and many more strange and wonderful personalities await you as you progress.


It’s an atmosphere and a cast that we’ve been attached to over the years, inspired by everything we enjoyed growing up. It’s simultaneously dark, a little absurd, and sometimes sadly beautiful, yet it all just makes sense – and we can’t wait to invite you!

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Collecting dead souls and beating a clock can become monotonous but it is an honest job for a Crow. The work becomes lively when your assigned soul is stolen and you have to track down a desperate thief in a realm intact from death – where creatures grow far beyond their expiration and are sprayed with greed and power.

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