Meet The Nopon Archsage, in the second wave of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC

Image: Nintendo / Monolith Soft

Aionios has been a bit quiet lately, hasn’t he? Unless, of course, you still do not understand this monolithic role-playing game. But there are only a few days left before the release of the second wave of Xenoblade Chronicle 3 DLC, and official japanese twitter The account woke up today with a small update and a new character reveal.

If you’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its DLC, you might recognize this little man – the Nopon Sage. He was in charge of the challenge fights, and here he is reprising his role in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. How can such a cute little guy take care of one of the most difficult elements of the game?

However, we may fall behind a more bass-heavy Nopon like Riku. Therefore, we are excited about the return of Archsage in the third game. It also appeared in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and allowed players to take part in the Time Attack mode. As such, nopons are apparently the true gods of the Xenoblade universe.

Wave 2 comes out on October 13th, and in addition to the challenge mode, we’ll have access to a brand new hero in the form of Ino, the “Noponics Champion”. It looks like there are a lot of nopons in the second wave.

Will you participate in challenge battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Tell us below!

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