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Hello everyone! I’m Stephen Rhodes, the narrator for Call of Duty: Vanguard. I’m with Robert Lo, Senior Storytelling Designer at Sledgehammer Games. We’re thrilled to be giving PlayStation players an even deeper insight into the human element at the heart of Call of Duty: Vanguard., especially since the release of the game is fast approaching November 5th.

Below we will tell you about the two main characters of the single-player Vanguard campaign, which can also be played in multiplayer mode: Arthur Kingsley and Polina Petrova. We then debut a couple of characters from the multiplayer game Vanguard that we have yet to elaborate on: Daniel Take Yatsu and Padmavati Balan. We will also showcase Operator Bio videos for these four characters for the first time.

With that, let’s get down to business.

Humanity at the heart of Call of Duty: Vanguard

The Vanguard Campaign is the story of a group of different soldiers who put their differences aside for a common goal: to stop a secret Nazi conspiracy in the final days of World War II. Their mission also represents the origin of a new kind of combat unit that moved and fought unlike any other before it: special forces.

Even though it’s a grand story, at the heart of Vanguard is a universal experience that many of us have gone through: completing the hard work with a group of colleagues you haven’t chosen and building true friends and strong connections along the way.

Writing the Vanguard campaign has been a meaningful and rewarding experience for all of us on the storytelling team. I have always been interested in World War II and have been interested in doing in-depth research with our fantastic history consultant Marty Morgan. Thanks to his limitless knowledge, we were able to reveal many little-known stories and heroes in order to draw inspiration.

As writers, we also had the opportunity to record individual voices of characters who came from very specific locations at a particular point in the story. For our British characters, this meant we needed to delve into Britishism of that era, and for our Australian protagonist Lucas Riggs, it meant exploring a truly wide canvas of the Australian language. Each of our characters has a distinct way of speaking that sounds just like them, and this is the result of some careful research and careful study.

Our goal was to tell a unique and refreshing story of the conflict. While there may be elements of the story that you are familiar with, this story is unique to Call of Duty.

Today we are thrilled to share with you the details of some of the Vanguard characters and how we created their personality traits. We’ll discuss who these characters are, what they mean to us, and how they fit into the overall Vanguard narrative.

We’re going to focus our time on four Heroic Operators. You will meet two during Vanguard an epic campaign and the other two can only be found on our varied multiplayer roster. Let’s start!

The stories of four network operators


Arthur Kingsley is the leader of a Special Operations Task Force sent to Germany to uncover the truth about Projekt Phoenix. What is special about Arthur as a leader is not his ability to commit violence or kill people, but rather his unwavering dedication to the mission and his compassion for his fellow soldiers. He takes his leadership role seriously and believes it is his responsibility to make sure everyone returns alive. The fear of losing soldiers under his command made Arthur give up leadership, but the importance of the mission made him accept his role and accept his true calling.

It was important to us that Arthur was the main character and that you relive the Vanguard story from his point of view. We wanted him to be smart and charismatic as well as brave and heroic. His biography is unique and we have worked with numerous culture and history consultants to give Arthur a distinct lineage. Arthur was born in Cameroon, educated in England and served as a British paratrooper for most of the war. He was the character we conceived first, and what underlies his character was present from the beginning.

Also, as a warning to anyone already playing Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, if you pre-order Vanguard, you will immediately have access to play as Arthur in these two games *.


Polina Petrova is another member of the task force sent to Germany, but there is more at stake for her than just completing a mission. An infamous sniper legend, Polina feared the Nazis and idolized the Russian soldiers who fought to defend her home. The story of Polina is different in that she is the only character in our history who did not enlist in the army and did not leave home to fight. The war came to her.

Polina’s narration is permeated with many bright emotional threads. Her story is not only about revenge for what happened to her home and her family. It is a story about loss, displacement, grief, but also about prejudice. Throughout her story, we learn about Polina’s origins as a nurse who wanted to fight, and we can experience this character transformation in a way that we don’t with other characters.

During our preliminary research, we learned about the women who fought on the Eastern Front, and especially the incredible female snipers who caused hell for the Nazis as they moved across Russia. We knew we wanted to show a character who took inspiration from all the brave women who fought and died to protect their home. As soon as we settled on Stalingrad as the setting for her levels, Polina’s character began to form.

When we think of war, we often think of only well-trained soldiers with weapons on the battlefield. We forget that this war has affected the whole world, especially those on the home front. Polina grew up in Stalingrad as a quiet, family girl – compassionate, strong and loving. She never grew up a soldier, but personified a soldier’s fortitude, always striving to participate in hostilities where it was necessary. Although we meet Pauline as the most outspoken, vengeful and bloodthirsty member of the Vanguard, it reminds us that war has stolen the innocence and happiness of so many. Polina was just one of these victims and is determined to make her enemies pay for her atrocity.


Movies often feature the classic example of a cold and unfeeling sniper calmly striking a target one after another. Daniel doesn’t slouch like a sniper, but we wanted to portray him as a defender who uses his marksmanship to support his fellow soldiers. Its story is also rooted in one of the most infamous chapters in American history: the internment of Japanese citizens in US concentration camps during World War II. Daniel’s entire world was torn apart when his family was sent to the camps, and like many Japanese Americans, he was drafted into the army to protect a nation that did not see him as an equal citizen. Daniel’s feelings about the war and his nation are deeply ambivalent, but he is still fighting to protect his fellow soldiers and the nation he believes America may still be one day.


Padmavati is a woman who lost her homeland twice: first to the colonialists, and then to the fascists. Her story is the story of a woman whose hope and ability to live a normal life suddenly disappeared when an ongoing conflict became a fact of her existence. Her character is defined by this duality between a fighter and a peaceful civilian: Padmavati is a ferocious soldier, an adept of jungle warfare, but also a battle-weary nurse who loves to sing poetry and play music. Because she understands the true value of spilled blood, she shuns a romantic view of war, but does not hesitate to show courage and leadership on the battlefield when summoned. She dreams of India, whose fate is determined by the will of her own people, and is convinced that one day they will win.

These four characters are just a few of the many that Vanguard has revealed in both campaigns and multiplayer. Our goal was to tell the backstory of the individuals who made up the world’s greatest conflict and demonstrate their humanity in their struggle to save it.

We’re incredibly excited that PlayStation players will be able to experience these stories for themselves when Vanguard launches in just a couple of weeks on November 5th. Rise on every front.

* Content and availability of offer vary by region and are subject to change. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / Call of Duty: Warzone on PS4 or PS5 required to use the offer sold / downloaded separately. Must be redeemed by November 5, 2022.

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