Mayhem Brawler takes you to the skies with the Air Supremacy update

Stronghold officers have fought curses from wizards, imprisoned lycanthropes behind silver bars, gouged out vampire teeth, and clashed with the ghostly forces of Majin since August 19.

We can safely assume that the crime rate has decreased, but this is far from the case. In a city that never sleeps, you must not let your guard down. With the newest Air superiority updates, officers will receive many additions to their arsenal! But how did this update come true?

Let’s go crazy!

During Mayhem brawler’s beta, some of our testers expected more dynamic battles to occur from time to time. Instead of our strategic approach to combat, the brawlers just wanted to go crazy with the action. But the release was not far off.

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After several brainstorming sessions, the team decided to step up the fight for a future update, but we needed different alternatives. Alternatives that would not upset the balance of the game. It’s time to watch the old school games and we irresistibly took a page from Capcom’s beloved Against the series is, first of all, the second name; Marvel super heroes… One of the most beloved franchises in fighting game history, it is renowned for its lineup and wondrous combinations. Each title has a special place in our hearts, but at one time, due to the popularity of comics, this game was an exceptional experience, along with X-Men: Children of the Atom.

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These games defined the combat mechanics of the franchise as a whole. OTG (Off-the-Ground) attacks that manipulate your opponents, ruthless chain combos, launchers, aerial combos and flashy super special moves. It was the mechanics that made this franchise unique in its core system. You never get tired of throwing crazy combos against opponents and feeling ecstatic. With Hero Concept, we wanted our players to experience the same excitement as we did when playing these amazing games, and to bring nostalgia to those who experienced them in the good old days when preparing this update. So, it’s time to bring our ideas to life!

melee screenshot

We’ve effectively updated Mayhem Brawler, but 2.0 Air Supremacy will be its biggest improvement. Not only by introducing new techniques to perform in your arsenal, but also by improving combat mechanics, officers will take their battle to the skies. Fend off incoming enemy attacks, launch them into the air, punch knocked-down foes to juggle them, unleash a barrage of aerial combos and deliver the final blow with new aerial special attacks. Lots of options, but you know combos are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!


We hope that with the new additions to the Mayhem Brawler 2.0 Air Supremacy update, you will have fun performing crazy combos against Mayhem Brawler thugs and villains while patrolling the streets. Thanks to reworked combat mechanics, we can’t wait to see what insane combos you come up with! Air Supremacy 2.0 Update Available Today Free For Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S. See you in the next Brawler Update!

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Mayhem Brawler is an urban fantasy beat ’em up game that brings the arcade atmosphere of the 90s back to the present day. With comic-style arches and stunning soundtracks, it offers a unique experience that you can tackle alone or in co-op with friends, defining the next step in the story with your choice. PROTECTION AND MAINTENANCE Responding to a routine patrol call, Dolphin, Zvezda and Problem – the most popular officers of the super-powerful law enforcement agency Stronghold – find themselves in a series of events that will change the fate of the entire city. EXTREME POWER Let’s be clear about one thing; If you ever thought the day in the life of a super strong enforcer was easy, you couldn’t be more wrong than the urban fantasy-themed street gangs of Mayhem Brawler. Using your arsenal of combos and special abilities, you and your teammates must make the life of these super-powered criminals miserable, defend yourself from the rage of werewolves, resist the curses of street wizards and confront a mega-corporation led by the houses of vampires who force their thugs to do their dirty deeds. THE UNIVERSE OF MICHEM Hand-drawn backgrounds and stop-motion animations combined with a cool comic-inspired soundtrack will give your controller an adrenaline rush. Once you make your choices, you will shape the course of history and finally reach one of three different endings to the Mayhem Brawler universe, with a story in every corner.

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