May and LeBron James have been disabled until further notice

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It is my sad duty to inform you that May, the young ice ax Overwatch Series and LeBron James, the second-highest scoring player in NBA history, were deemed too buggy to remain in active service and were taken offline.

As for Mei, Blizzard says they’re “temporarily offline” Overwatch 2 character, and will return it in two weeks:

We’re temporarily disabling Mei to fix a bug with her Ice Wall ability, which allows heroes to reach unintended locations. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and will aim to bring Mei back in the next upcoming update, which will be released on November 15th.

LeBron meanwhile will be released indefinitely:

We’re disabling LeBron due to a critical bug with him. We will enable again after fixing the bug. Thank you for your patience.

Note that LeBron is disconnecting from a successful multiplayer fighting game. multiversusin which he appears as his space jam character, not much less successful and currently 1-5 by the Los Angeles Lakers, in which he appears in real life.

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