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Just a week after we announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns at Gamescom, we’re excited to share more details and a first look at the gameplay. Today’s trailer introduces our turn-based tactical combat as well as a range of other gameplay features that will let you interact with iconic Marvel characters like never before.

All of the Marvel characters in the Midnight Suns have new looks, but if you’re a Marvel fan, I’m sure you recognize most of them right away. However, you will not be familiar with our protagonist, the Hunter, who is a brand new, customizable hero created specifically for this game. Today’s game trailer references the Hunter’s deep backstory, and you can learn more as you explore the grounds of the Abbey, a centuries-old fortress tucked away in Salem, Massachusetts that serves as the secret base of the Midnight Suns.

While spending time at the abbey between missions, you can visit Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. There is little in between that they don’t know about engineering and the supernatural, and with the right resources, they can create all kinds of improvements for you and even the abbey itself. Building friendships with members of the Midnight Suns is also an important part of the game. Invite allies to chat with you, and depending on how they feel about your choice of location or activity, as well as your responses during conversations, you can unlock powerful combos and passive bonuses that come into play when you fight with them.

Turn-based tactical battles in Midnight Suns are very different from tactical battles in our XCOM games, and not only because you control a team of superheroes. One of the things that worries us the most is how we matched the powerful abilities of the heroes with the cards. Getting a new hand of these cards every turn keeps you thinking on your feet, and in addition to battles, you have the ability to customize each hero’s battle deck. In addition, cards can be improved and modified by adding new effects or creating synergies with different heroes. A factor in choosing the heroes you want to take with you on every mission, and the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve followed the gameplay trailer closely, you might also have noticed that character placement and interactive environments play an important role during battles. When Wolverine uses his Power Slash attack, his knockback effect creates an opportunity to deal additional damage to the target if you can send it to something. Better yet, if you force your target to collide with another enemy, they both take damage! The environment also includes items that you can interact with without playing cards – boxes and the like can be thrown or pushed depending on their size, and, just to give you a fun example, you might occasionally have the opportunity to knock over a lamp post. for it to land. on multiple enemies.

We can’t wait to share more details on the Midnight Suns with you in the weeks and months ahead of its early 2022 release on PS4 and PS5.

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