Marvel Snap will add the ability to pay with friends

The Marvel heroes are getting ready to end their friendship when Battle Mode launches.

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“How can I play with you?” This is the first thing my friend asked when I hooked him up Marvel Snap. “You can’t,” I replied. But it won’t be like that for long. The developers of the popular mobile card game say that the ability to battle with friends will appear within the next two months.

The long-awaited Battle Mode Vs. The Friends feature will launch “this calendar year,” a spokesperson for developer Second Dinner confirmed. in Washington Post today. With this update, Marvel Snap will join the legion of other competitive mobile games that will let you test the limits of your real relationship, from home to words with friends.

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But it will not work in the same way as the standard ranked game mode. Instead, in battles, each player will be given 10 health and they will fight match after match until one of them runs out of points. Tethering will increase the amount of health they can gain or lose, avoiding problems with players trying to use each other to farm ranks.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Second Dinner is also working on a number of other new features per Marvel Snap, including guilds and social systems, in-game events and additional competitive modes. The free-to-play game was recently released on PC in Early Access on Steam.

As much as I love teasing strangers by making them click early only to make a difference on turn five, I’m willing to laugh, cry, and sympathize with my wins and losses with real people I know. It will also provide people with a complete way to confirm that they are playing against a real person and not another bot. Though perhaps more than anything I’m glad to see Duel of two Agates to the death.

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