Mario Party Superstars Mod Adds Bowser Jr As Playable Character

Image: Nintendo, mod by Sgt. Thorn

Since its launch last October, Mario Party Superstars players have been gathering their parties on all the boards that were first seen in the three original games in the series available on the Nintendo 64. It’s a lot of fun, but a few extra boards and a larger roster of playable characters a la Super Mario Party would make the game even better.

Of course, as is often the case, fans decided to take these potential improvements into their own hands, and one talented person went to great lengths to bring a new character into the game. As you can see in the video below, the modder Sgt. Spike managed to get Bowser Jr. up and running with animations and voice clips running.

The mod works by allowing players to swap out Mario, Daisy, or Birdo for Bowser Jr.’s model. “This mod is a complete replacement for the mod,” said the sergeant. says Spike. “It has a Bowser Jr. model, new animations as well as Bowser Jr. animations imported from Super Mario Party, Bowser Jr. voice clips, custom icons, and three new Bowser Jr. stickers!”

It’s not quite perfect yet – some of the minigame animations are yet to be replaced, and apparently getting the subject makes the camera focus on Bowser Jr.’s feet rather than his face – but that’s another awesome fan work.

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Thanks CM30 for the tip!

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