Mario Kart Tour says goodbye to its controversial Gacha pipe

Bowser finishes before throwing his green shell at Mario's cards.

Image: Nintendo

After three years, Nintendo is finally removing the controversial “gacha pipe” from its popular mobile race. Mario Kart Tour. The pipes that players had to purchase with in-game “rubies” for a chance at unlockable prizes will be replaced with a new in-game store.

official English Twitter account for Mario Kart Tour announced that gacha pipes will be removed from the game on October 5th. Instead of him Mario Kart Tour an in-game store called the Spotlight Shop will be implemented where players can directly buy gliders, karts, and drivers individually instead of relying on luck.

As well as Mario Kart right, Mario Kart Tour lets you choose your driver, kart and glider before taking on players from all over the world and Tokyo Drifting at your own pace (and index finger). However, if you want to unlock the game’s drivers – many of which were only available during certain periods – you’ll have to cough up a few rubies and “pull” the green pipe in the hope that it will shoot a new driver, kart, or glider.

Although the gacha pipe did not produce duplicates, according to Video game chronicle, Mario Kart Tour currently has 172 gliders, 193 playable characters and 246 karts. Given that 10 rubies cost $5.99 and that pipe puff costs 5 rubies, the chances of you getting the rare find you were hoping for were pretty slim unless you were willing to open your wallet wide. Time will tell if the asking prices for individual Spotlight store purchases turn out to be expensive for mobile gamers.

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In addition to removing the gacha pipe, Mario Kart Tour will also add a new combat mode in which players can test their strength against each other. But at present, people on the Internet are reacting differently to the news that Mario Kart Tour’virtual gambling will soon be a thing of the past.

“Gosh, this game can really be worth a damn right now.” one twitter user said.

«RIP the Pipe Pulls 2019-2022», said anotherwhat was the answer dancing luigi talking“You won’t be bored.”

“So, instead of spending your hard-earned rubies on a gacha pipe, now you just spend your rubies on characters from the store. Wow, that’s great. Mario Kart Tour coming soon [a] gacha free game!” answered the other.

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