Mario Kart Tour Now Has Bus Driver Waluigi And Other Halloween Outfits

Mario Kart Tour continues to roll, and is now in the second half of its Halloween celebration. It all started with a bang when Nintendo fell in love with Waluigi and gave him a pretty cool Waluigi vampire outfit.

However, the last week has been a tough one for him, and he has gone from being a protagonist to being an outstanding bus driver outfit specialist – he has to do everything he can.

As the Halloween event is now in its second week, we also have a couple of new outfits with the creatively titled Mario (Halloween) and Rosalina (Halloween).

Finally, Nintendo has confirmed the next tour, which will take place in early November, and this is a showdown where Team Toad will face off against Team Toadette.

So there’s a lot going on in Mario Kart Tour. Let us know if you still enjoy the mobile racing game from Nintendo.

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