Mario Kart Tour gears up for battle with new update, here are the patch notes

Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour has just received a new update, bringing the game to the sweet “Version 3.0.0” round. There isn’t much to note here, as the update appears to be mostly a set-up for the upcoming battle mode and the Spotlight store, which, as previously reported, is Nintendo’s alternative to the game’s longtime gacha elements.

However, there are also a few quality of life upgrades that are always great to see!

Here are the full patch notes:

・ Prepare for battles, a new way to play.*
・ Prepared for the Spotlight Store, where you can exchange Rubies for Drivers and more.*
・ The best score you ever scored in each course will now be recorded.
・ You can now play the next track directly from the race results screen.

* It is planned that they will be provided for future tours.

For the time being, players can still take part in the Anniversary Tour, which kicked off on September 20 to commemorate the game’s three years.

Are you still playing Mario Kart Tour? Will the addition of combat mode and the removal of gacha elements tempt you to return to the game? Let us know about it in the comments!

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