Mario Kart Tour for mobile generated about $300 million in revenue

Image: Gold Pass for Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo)

Mario Kart Tour may not make as much money as games like Pokémon GO, but for a mobile racing game it was still pretty successful.

The last major sales update last April showed Tour surpassing 200 million downloads and $200 million spent by players since its release in 2019. Now Sensor Tower (via has shared some new statistics. The tour has currently generated an estimated number of $293 million for Nintendo.

This includes not only purchases through the gacha mechanic, where players shoot a pipe to unlock a new item or character, but also includes earnings from monthly Gold Pass subscriptions (priced at $4.99).

While all of this is seemingly easy money for Nintendo, last week the Japanese company announced that it was removing gacha elements and replacing that game mechanic with the “Spotlight Store” next month on October 4th.

This new in-game store will apparently remove the random element, but will still include monetization aspects. Gold Pass subscriptions will also be available for purchase by players.

Have you ever spent money on Mario Kart Tour? What do you think about removing the gacha mechanic? Comment below.

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