Mario Kart Tour celebrates its third anniversary with a new tour update

Image: Nintendo

Latest Mario Kart Tour – Mario Vs. Luigi – I’m about to finish. But where one round ends, another begins. This time around, the game will celebrate its third anniversary on September 25th with an Anniversary Tour – very fitting!

Announced via Twitter, as usual, the tour will begin September 20 at 11:00 PM PT / September 21 at 8:00 AM CET. and riders will compete on several urban race tracks. As a bonus, it will feature new racing and karting elements, including a rather attractive kangaroo-style version of Yoshi that is simply delightful.

In addition, another wave of Mii Racing Suits will be released as part of the new tour, this time fans will get the Brick Mii Racing Suit and the White Mii Racing Suit. Certainly not the most creative we’ve seen, but we’ll take it.

More recently, it was confirmed that Mario Kart Tour will remove the “gacha” elements in favor of something called the “Spotlight Shop”. In the past, this may have been one of the main stumbling blocks for Mario Kart fans looking to dive into the game, so hopefully removing it will convince a few more people to give it a try (you know, that’s pretty decent indeed!).

Will you take part in the anniversary tour? Grab your holiday hats and party flappers and let us know in the comments below!

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