Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Dev Announces Hot Wheels Sequel

Velan Studios made a tough announcement last week, announcing that it will be shutting down its free-to-play multiplayer game Knockout City on June 6 this year. In the same update, it was said that another IP addresses and products he was “very excited about”.

If you’re wondering what’s next, it looks like the American developer is working on a sequel to Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit with a new “mixed reality racing experience” called Hot Wheels: Rift Rally. Similar to Mario Kart Live, this will blend the real environment with the digital world.

In this new racer, players get behind the wheel of over 140 Hot Wheels vehicles using a Chameleon RC car that can digitally transform. It will feature a campaign mode (including Rift Gates as checkpoints) and a stunt mode where players perform all sorts of crazy moves to earn a high score.

The catch for now is that Hot Wheels: Rift Rally has only been announced for iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. It’s due out next month, March 14, 2023, and will priced at $129.99 for the Standard Edition and $149.99 for the Collector’s Edition.. Again, you will need one of these platforms to play it. You can find out more on our sister website push square.

Image: Studio Velan

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