Manage a cat cafe in Cat Café Manager, a cat cafe game to manage

Cat Café Manager is exactly what it sounds like, and you know what? We don’t even mind. Sometimes you need a game that tells you what to expect right from the start, not a game called BLURPFORCE or SHRINKITYBLINK DX 1/2.5.

You’ll be rebuilding your beloved grandma’s cat cafe as the new resident of Katerwol village with furniture, renovations and lots of cats to fill the space.

Plus, you can purify urine! Elden Ring who?

Gradually, you will be able to expand the cafe and make friends with the locals, which in turn will increase the profitability and attractiveness of the bistro, which will allow you to get more cats and so on.

Cat Café Manager is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 14th.

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