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Hey! I’m Mihai Preda, the head of the Fun Labs studio, and we are the studio behind Nerf Legends. GameMill Entertainment, our publisher, discussed the possibility of a potential Nerf game with Hasbro, and when they gave us a presentation, we loved the idea of ​​bringing toys to life in a video game and creating a unique universe. with them. From the start, everyone was very supportive of the creative freedom to come up with a unique set of characters, levels and stories, and create a universe never seen before in any Nerf game.

Nerf Doomlands Judge On the left is a real toy, on the right is a game model.

In terms of my personal history with the Nerf brand, my son loves Nerf blasters – this is one of his favorite toys and has been a source of inspiration and creativity throughout the project. There is something about his adventurous spirit and surprise that makes me happy. I see it when we chase each other with blasters or challenge each other to shoot targets across the room. Basically, though, I think he likes to pretend I’m an alien in order to shoot darts at his old man.

It was a lot of fun to take these Nerf blasters that my son and I play with and put them into play. We were lucky enough to get 3D CAD models that were used to make plastic molds for toys. This was a great starting point for us because it was mostly blueprints that allowed us to quickly create high quality ready-to-play blasters that we knew were identical to their real-life counterparts.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave On the left is a real toy, on the right is a game model.

On the game side, we wanted to take things a notch and bring the blasters to life to match the new universe we were creating. We did this by taking inspiration from the shape and appearance of the blasters and depicting them with sci-fi coatings, animated lights and other effects without changing the identity of the blaster. This was important to us because we wanted the blasters to still look recognizable to the people we played with as kids (or adults who still love Nerf blasters).

Nerf Elite Titan CS On the left is a real toy, on the right is a game model.

Making the blasters feel right was just as important as making them look right, and we wanted to make sure they all felt different. We took inspiration from many other shooters and grouped the blasters into classes. Some of them, like the Judge, are excellent short range blasters that deal a lot of damage at close range. Others, like the Nerf Mega Centurion, specialize in long-range sniper action. Then there is the Nerf Ultra One, which is a versatile mid-range blaster. In addition, each is specially balanced with a wide variety of parameters such as range, accuracy, spread, drop, reload speed, cooldown, and more. Beyond that, we’ve put a lot of energy into the visual and aural identity of each blaster. We’ve hand-crafted visuals, animations, and sounds to further differentiate how they feel. For example, the Nerf Elite Titan is a huge blaster that seems powerful but slows you down because it’s bigger. It’s a completely different experience than the fast, rapid-fire Nerf Ultra Two.

Nerf Mega Sniper On the left is a real toy, on the right is a game model.

Nerf Legends takes place in the near future where blasters are improved and used for the Nerf tournament. In this context, the sound of blasters is inspired by toys, but improved and taken to a whole new level. We used some sci-fi sound effects that vary a lot from blaster to blaster, but these are not the sounds you hear in movies. We leaned towards the idea of ​​improving the mechanical inner workings of the toy and giving them faint electromagnetic sounds, as if blasters were pushing darts forward using magnetic forces.

Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike On the left is a real toy, on the right is a game model.

We worked closely with Hasbro to compile a diverse roster of blasters for several different series such as Ultra, Mega and Elite, including both old and new models. Most of the blasters in the game have been around in the last five years, but we have some that were released quite recently, this year. We hope you find the Nerf blaster you enjoy when the game launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 19th.

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