Madden Players furious after EA wiped out a ton of franchise savings

Blue screen showing Madden NFL 23 franchise mode error message.

It’s new year and Madden NFL 23 is still in ruins. The latest game, one of the gems of Electronic Arts’ monopoly on sports games, continues to find new ways to piss off some of the series’ most die-hard players. Missing in-game holiday gifts? Locked game modes? Wiped save franchise? Bad connection? Make your choice.

It’s been a real live crash storm during the recent holiday break that has once again left fans dreaming of a better path forward for the only professional football video game in town. turmoil around Madden 23 was slowly rolling out since its August release. And while things were steadily improving when it comes to core gameplay, the heavily monetized side of the live service is still constantly on fire.

The last fire started on the eve of Christmas. Players received annual Zero Chill gifts with special players and packs for a month, which could not be opened until December 25th. Madden Absolute command mode. Then came bugs, exploits and updates.

Among the gifts were to be Tom Brady and Harold Carmichael, which they did. However, many gifts were mislabeled, with images and names pointing to existing Legends packs rather than Zero Chill packs. In an attempt to address this issue, EA released an update that accidentally changed the contents of gifts, depriving some players of high-ranking cards, but also erroneously giving others tons of additional card sets, as some YouTubers called it. the biggest glitch in the history of MUT. Another update was released towards the end of Christmas, but by the time the dust had settled, some players were partying like thugs while others were still waiting for makeup gifts.

“This resulted in some packages receiving significantly higher value and some significantly lower value,” the post reads. Madden command published on the EA forum a few days later. Although they promised to fix the gifts and offer all players an “extra big gift” for worrying, many players were still frustrated by the many confusions, especially those who had spent a lot of money in advance accumulating Zero Chill gifts. . To top it all off, some players claim they didn’t manage to get into MUT at all.

But what if I told you that this is not the worst thing that happened in Madden last week? In fact, the worst thing that happened was that players lost months of data in the Connected Franchise mode after trying to log in when the servers were down between December 28th and 29th. Franchise mode allows groups of friends to model multiple seasons together, and losing it could mean losing months. collective football campaign.

“Firstly, we are very sorry that this happened.” – Development Team published on New Year’s Eve. “We know how important your franchises are to you and we are actively working on a fix to restore some files from a backup as soon as possible. However, not all affected leagues can be restored. The team is currently projecting a rebound in about 40% of the leagues.”

It is unclear how many people in total will be affected. “Has anyone ever gotten this screen?” is reading one of the many recent posts on Madden Subreddit, each accompanied by blue screens of death errors. How do we tell the poor guy? one commenter replied. An added insult to injury was the fact that EA initially seemed to downplay the problems with corrupted saves. When the franchise mode returned to the network, the publisher hinted that everything would return to normal. Three days later, he informed the players that approximately 60 percent of those affected had permanently lost their data.

On Tuesday, the hits continued to come. EA cancels regular Good Morning promotion Madden twitch drop stream, adding to twitter that “Updates regarding Present Packs + Players without MUT access will be posted to Direct as soon as possible.” Fan reaction was less than stellar because the publisher seemed evasive questions but also because it didn’t even mention the corruption issue.

All of this has led some fans to wonder why the NFL continues to grant exclusive license to EA. The current contract was updated back in 2020 another six years, and since then the game has been on a decidedly downward trajectory. 2K Games is believed to be working on its own potential NFL 2K revival, and after Madden 23a growing number of fans are finally talking about taking the leap if the EA series doesn’t start to take shape.

EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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