Madden NFL 22 Sets the Right Day Experience for You


The project is complete, the training camp begins, and the NFL season is near the corner. While rookie QBs are dissecting playbooks to earn a starting spot, you’re closer to getting back on your feet and digging your defenses Madden NFL 22, launched August 20th. This year Madden presents both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes making their triumphant returns to the cover after their battle in Super Bowl LV. As you embark on your own race to the Super Bowl, you’ll see new features and improvements throughout the plan.

Game Day Makes All The Difference

This time, the stadium experience is well brought to you, as the home field crowd can increase the momentum of each game. Each stage provides a unique atmosphere of its kind to beat opponents: on the third main points in Seattle, the chaos of the crowd will disrupt your pre-snap reading, and in Chicago, there’s a good chance you’ll join a long list of kickers who made a seemingly easy chip fired directly from the vertical at a critical moment. But any team can change the course of a game with the new Momentum Factors. Neb an interception at the right moment or stiffen a defender right on the ground for a great run to see your new meter momentum increase and unlock a special boost for your team.

The franchise gets a review

The EA team listened to the feedback from the community asking for a deeper, more realistic franchise experience. Now, not only do you control your coach, but you can build your coaching tree with an offensive and defensive coordinator, as well as a player staff department to help build your perfect team. Week-by-week planning has also been adapted; using next-generation stats and AI, you can build a really specific game plan for your opponent – plan accordingly for Josh Allen to throw the ball almost every low or prepare your front-set for the Ravens ’current attack. . And at the culmination of a championship season, you can still expect to see a new round of post-Super Bowl victories this year, though it remains unknown whether the winning quarterback will be seen throwing the Lombardi Trophy from a boat at the another in celebration. The franchise will continue to update throughout the course of the season, starting with a revamped NFL Draft scouting system in order to unlock the next Marques Colston or Rodney Harrison.

A more realistic experience on the field

It’s an ever-evolving process, but this year promises to see marked improvements in the ways players interact on the field. Using Next Gen Statistics, players present a more realistic version of themselves and evolve over the course of the season. Now you can take advantage of those trends and even make pause adjustments as you learn more about your opponent. It’s all reinforced by the new movements of the players, from the attacking animations to the way the receivers fight for the ball against the curves. A new treatment system takes into account the player’s dimensions and traits so that a larger back drags the defenders directly into the end zone before falling, while a smaller and faster return can be stopped right on their tracks when it is hit by a larger linebacker.


In addition to all of the above, Madden Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise and The Yard are back with more information on each coming out in the weeks leading up to the launch. You can be sure that we will give you as much information as we can. Madden 22 get on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC on August 20th. See you in the field!

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