Lunistice is a charming 90s-style 3D platformer

Deck13 Spotlight has announced Lunistice, a 3D platformer with an art style inspired by SEGA Saturn games from the 90s. It will release on Switch on September 2, 2022.

The game is developed by Grumpy Fox. Steam page states that the development of Lunistice originally began with a voluntarily set 30-day limit to make a commercially viable game. It didn’t work, so the developer added a solid year to the 30 days.

It has also been noted that the game will likely be short-lived, but judging by the first key feature below (you’ll see), it seems like this could be reflected in its eventual price.

Here is some information directly from the publisher:

Lunistice is a 3D platform game created with simple yet addictive gameplay and a cute art style inspired by the PlayStation 1 / SEGA Saturn. Take on the role of Hana the tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams! What mysteries await her on the moon, her final destination?
Lunistice has a retro style inspired by early 90s 3D graphics, with bouncy enemies and a furry heroine.

Key Features

– Really affordable.
– Experience seven different dreams.
– Test your skills in the included Speedrun mode and play as characters from other games.
– Enjoy good atmosphere and retro aesthetic.

Does Lunistice sound like it’s your lane? Are you tired of retro games? Let us know with a comment.

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