Lost Judgment, Deluxe Edition and DLC Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

For Yakuza fans looking to get their hands on the Lost Judgment spin-off, the release of the latest adventure is just around the corner. For those looking to get some extra goodies, Sega just unveiled a DLC roadmap, as well as various editions available for purchase along with pre-order bonuses.

Which Lost Judgment edition should you buy?

The game is slated to launch on September 24th with an early access period on September 21st. You can purchase three versions of the game, including the Digital Deluxe and Digital Deluxe versions. After launch, there will be even more content for those who choose the last two options, including new stories.

Quick Start Support Package

  • Health products
  • New recipes for extracts
  • Wanderer’s Lucky Cat

Detective Basics Pack – September 24

  • More detective dogs
  • New skateboard and skate park
  • Celestial Spider Drone
  • Additional girlfriends
  • Four More Sega Master System Games
    • Global protection
    • Alien Syndrome
    • Fantasy Zone II: Opa-Opa’s Tears
    • Sagaya
  • Fight Super Shin Amon

School Stories Expansion Pack – October 26

  • New motorcycle
    • Includes more details and a new race track
    • New dance club costume and even sweeter dance moves
    • New robot
    • Sparring with Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi
    • “Bring a new style of boxing to the streets”

New Story DLC: The Kaito Files – Spring 2022

Kaito Files is the largest DLC for Lost Judgment to come with the Digital Ultimate Edition so you can play as Kaito himself. This DLC will be completely independent from the main storyline of Lost Judgment and will add 10 hours of new content and a unique fighting style.

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