Lost Ark has over 1.3 million active players on Steam


Screenshot: Smilegate / Amazon

Lost Ark has become one of the very few games on Steam with over 1 million concurrent players. Not only this, but also Diablo– like MMO has now surpassed DOTA2 become one of the most popular games in the history of Steam.

Initially Lost Ark, a freeware ARPGMMO, was released in South Korea back in 2019 for PC. Having achieved great success there, Lost Ark publisher Smilegate partners with Amazon present a hit game in the US and Europe. It was launched during the Paid Early Access period a few days ago, prior to the official release of the free game. And even with a paid entry to the game, it was able to collect over 500,000 players in a few hours, becoming one of the most popular new games on Steam.

Currently, after some wobbly issues on launch day and server issues, Lost Ark officially free for everyone. And it seems many people happy to jump and play. Currently, as I write this, Lost Ark has reached 1,297,896 players, which is more than DOTA 2′s the highest number of concurrent players on Steam with 1,295,114. It is now the third most active concurrent game in Steam history.

Screenshot of the five most popular games in the history of Steam, in third place is Lost Ark.

Update: 15:03 EST:

Lost Ark now surpassed CS:GO the concurrent player record is 1,308,963 players. It now has the second highest number of active players ever registered on the platform.

The original story is as follows:

Now he’s right behind Counter-Strike Global Offensive And him record 1.3 million concurrent players. It is very possible that Lost Ark eventually, too, will pass by this number. While it seems almost unbelievable that he would be able to break the incredible concurrent player record set by PUBG back when it was the most played game in the world. His record is still just over 3.2 million players.. I doubt Lost Ark exceeds that, but only time will tell.

If you would like to know more about what Lost Ark Yes, you can read my recently published impressions of the game the first 12 hours. I left impressed with how great her combat was and how it combined MMO commonalities with ARPG mechanics. The overall storytelling is a bit boring, but you’ll probably still be listening to the podcast while you play, so who cares.

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