Loop8: Summer Of Gods confirms Japanese release date in new trailer

XSEED Games’ upcoming AI RPG Loop8: Summer of Gods was previously confirmed for a Spring 2023 release here in the west on Nintendo Switch.

The game has now been confirmed to arrive in Japan on March 16 next year on all consoles, including Switch. Marvelous has confirmed that the game will be available both physically and digitally in that region. Here’s a look at the box art:

Image: via Gematsu

This announcement was shown in the new trailer for the game. The local release is expected to take place in Europe and North America around the same day, so stay tuned for local release updates.

Here is a bit about the game from our original story:

Loop8, set in the rural town of Ashihara circa 1983, follows Nini and his class struggle against demonic beings known as Kegai. But Nini and his friends are not ordinary people – instead, they grew up on a failed space station, and Ashihara is one of the few surviving shelters on Earth. These “demons” have brought humanity to the brink of extinction, and Nini and his friends will need to use their special connection to the gods to defeat them.

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