Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million Box of Fake Pokémon Cards Explained

Hands holding a box of GI Joe cards that celebrity Logan Paul bought for way too much money.

Screenshot: Logan Paul / Kotaku

Internet personality, boxer and Pokemon a Logan Paul fan made the news last month after spend $3.5 million on a box of supposedly “sealed and authenticated” first edition Pokémon cards. However, shortly after the announcement of its purchase, many in Pokemon the card community indicated that the box was likely a fake. In response, Paul went to Chicago to check the cards, and today he announced that yes, it was all fake. Paul spent all that money on boxes of G.I. Joe postcards. *Insert Sad trumpet.mp3 here*

Today, the popular and hated internet celebrity shared the news on her YouTube channel. In a video simply titled “I lost $3,500,000 on fake pokemon cardsPaul explains how he… well, lost all his money on fake cards.

“This story is fucking crazy. And it sucks. And I don’t have three and a half million dollars,” Paul begins. What follows is a slickly edited, well-done seven-minute video that essentially boils down to Paul posting a huge L.

In it he documents all the websites dedicated to his card purchases and a quick response from Pokemon community claiming that he made a big mistake. Many considered the box toos buy and not trust baseball card exchange to accurately check maps. After enough people pointed it out, Paul decided to check the BCE cards himself and documented his quick trip to Chicago to open and check the sealed boxes. In the video, a BCE spokesperson explains why they authenticated the unopened boxes, pointing out how the packages are sealed and how they look intact.

In the end, Paul pours a glass of wine and tells the BCE rep to open the boxes. And if you’re reading the title of this blog, you already know what’s coming next. After the initial opening, it becomes clear that the cases inside seem to be wrong. “Too plump,” some would say. Once an ersatz Pokemon drawers unroll and open, it’s clear that Logan Paul just spent $3.5 million on a bunch of G.I. Joe postcards. (For those who keep accounts at home, this means that they have lost a lot of money.)

This is just the latest high-profile incident in an ongoing Fascination with Pokemon cards which has continued to roam the globe, which leads to a shortage of cards, crowds cause chaos in shops and auction prices for rare cards continue to skyrocket as more people try to get a piece of the pocket monster pie.

“This is so sad for all parties involved,” Paul said upon hearing the news. “It’s sad for Pokemon community like how many scam fucking things exist. I’m grateful for what I have now and it’s real.” He later added, “We were fucked. End of story.”

In other news lol.


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