Logan Paul Turns $5 Million Pokémon Pikachu Card Into NFTs

Logan Paul shows his holographic Pikachu card.

A photo: Logan Paul

In a new videoYouTuber and professional wrestler Logan Paul shared how he bought an extremely rare Pikachu Illustrator. Pokemon card from 1998, evaluated by PSA put a mint ten and for which Paul paid a whopping $5,275,000. The video also reveals a heartbreaking truth: he turns the precious Pikachu into an NFT.

Since at least 2020, Logan Paul has been happy to spend his multi-million dollar luck on the road Pokemon cards, which he then mines per content to accumulate even more fart fortune. Paul unveiled his latest flashy acquisition, a $5.2 million holographic Pikachu, wearing it on a heavy gold chain around his neck in front of his April WrestleMania fight. It looked like a banana, more specifically a banana with a Pikachu necklace.

It seems to be the title of a painting by Vermeer. Anyway, in the video, Paul said that it took him months to get the card, which PSA website says – the only known Pikachu Illustrator card in mint condition.

Paul says that prior to his WrestleMania stunt, there was no publicly available information about the mint card, and none of his collector friends had ever seen it in person. However, in February 2021, he received an Instagram message from the owner’s rep saying he wanted to sell.

The seller ended up turning down Paul’s initial $4 million offer, but four months later, Paul contacted a mutual friend and tried to make another, more attractive offer. They settled on $4 million and a Pikachu Illustrator card with a PSA rating of 9, which Paul was easily able to find from a fart collector on his web and buy for $1.25 million.

He forked over the card and cash to perfection. The anonymous original owner of Pikachu broke the Guinness World Record for “Most Expensive”. Pokemon trading card sold at a private sale” and lived happily ever after. The card itself, on the other hand, will live, trembling and crying, in the captivity of the blockchain – on July 9 at 15:00 EST it will be listed on the NFT on the exchange. the “platform” he “co-founded”, Liquid Marketplace.

The platform currently has little to no presence online, no history or information, but shares a mission to “offer collectors the ability to co-ownership of physical and digital assets through tokenization.” on the page about yourself. I hope this is convincing enough for you to take out a $5 million loan so that you can buy 50 million tokens at $0.10 each, which Paul lists NFT on the website.

Paul will claim a minority, 49% ownership of the card, which means it will be held in the TBD community vault, but he can wear it at more WrestleManias if allowed by the majority of token holders. Hey, don’t roll your eyes like that. Paul deserves the extortion of the innocent Pokemon fans in the name of functionally meaningless collective property. He is the biggest Pikachu fan in the world.

I have proof. Before he was handed the mint card in his video, someone off-camera remarked to Paul, “Hmm. You love Pikachu.”

“Yeah, he’s the best, bro,” Paul replied. Here it is. The greatest mind of our generation, bro.

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