Lo-Fi Horror ‘Mundaun’ Goes To Physical Version

Some of us spend Halloween hiding in the living room with the lights off, picking up candy in the dark. Others spend Halloween watching movies that keep them awake for days. Well, to the last group we say: come for your mundown, weirdos!

In collaboration with Super Rare Games, Mundaun now receives physical version for Nintendo Switchplus a full color guide, interior images, an exclusive sticker, and collectible cards.

For those who missed the Switch eShop, Mundaun is a hand-drawn horror set in the secluded Alps as you unravel the dark mystery of your grandfather’s death. In typical horror style, a lot of terrible things will happen to you, and as a fun bonus, the more you fear, the slower your character will move. Chill! We certainly thought so in our review.

So go on: play the game that one Steam review described as “NOT BEES! AAAAA THEY ARE IN MY EYES”!

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