Live Mega Man Movie May Be On The Way To Netflix

Image: Capcom / via Nintendo

As you may have heard, the blue Capcom bomber Mega man in the near future will receive the same Hollywood attitude as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu.

According to the story on Rockman corner, it is now “largely” confirmed that Netflix will be the exclusive home for the live-action film adaptation of Megaman from Chernin Entertainment.

“Henry, Rel and their staff producer, Orly-Rose Strauss, are actively developing. Works include: Capcom’s adaptation MEGA MAN for Chernin Entertainment and Netflixwhich they wrote and direct; NEMESIS, based on the Marc Millar comic by Jules Daly and Sue Kroll for Warner Bros. an adaptation of Edward Abby’s novel The Wrenches Gang, produced by Ed Pressman, which they wrote and are directing; and RUNAWAY, a family action-adventure comedy based on a true story, adapted by Brendan O’Brien and produced by Matt Kaplan. “

Here’s some additional information from the same source:

“Supermarché is the production company behind the film. It is run by a duo of directors and screenwriters Henry Just and Ariel “Rel” Schulman, who direct the film. BatmanMatson Tomlin was recruited in early 2020 to write the script with Masi Oka as the lead producer. “

If this film ever sees the light of day, there may not be time before that – as the sound sounds like the whole project is still in very early stages and hasn’t even been filmed yet. Mega Man turns 35 next year, so maybe we’ll learn more about it then. Capcom originally announced the Mega Man feature film back in October 2018.

Netflix has been focusing on adaptations for video games and live action lately. We saw the show Witcher and Cowboy bebop, and even cartoons such as Castlevania, Resident Evil and Dragon Dogma

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