Live, love, kill. Infernax will come to you this Valentine’s Day


  • Infernax this bloody love letter to the retro action classic is here to steal your heart. Much like romance Infernax capable of both pain and pleasure. Go through evil as we speak of our passionate work.

Impossible love

When they said we needed to write an article explaining how Infernax is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we thought it was a task beyond the power of mere mortals. It’s a pixel art game where you go knee-deep through the forces of evil, splattering blood all around like a fire hydrant with a mace. But then we realized that Valentine’s Day is all about hearts. No one indicated that these hearts should stay inside their bodies, and if that sounds like a good time… we have a game for you.

Writing a love letter

We’re not here to compare Infernax to many cool retro style games because we are doing something different. It is better? Who knows, we are incredibly biased, so we can confidently say yes. We hope players won’t feel like they’re playing a 2022 game based on games from the early 90s, we hope to unleash the power of mind travel in them so they can return to their childish state and enjoy our game with a fresh, uncluttered look. like it used to be many years ago. Turn down the lights, maybe light a scented candle, put on your most attractive pajamas, and lock the doors because the evening is going to be long.

harsh mistress

We’ve spent the last years creating this playable rose, but just like with roses, if you’re not careful, you’ll get stabbed! Infernax not for the faint of heart, in more ways than one.

Like the frozen lands of Quebec where we come from, hardships are relentless, to say the least. Monsters lurk in every dark corner, ready to rip the tender skin off your bones, bosses who will make you worry that you will have to taste a delicious fondue dinner twice – it seems that even the area is ready to get you.

Returning to the rose analogy, if you take the time to find out what makes it move, if you find the right place to hold it, you will find that you will be rewarded with pure, unbridled satisfaction.

What makes a rose tick? We seriously ask, this plant, why is it ticking? Looking back, the metaphor doesn’t make sense.

screaming figure

Married to fate

V Infernax, you are the master of your destiny, every decision you make will affect your adventure. It’s like when you’re on a date, of course you can choose hot cheetos deep fried ghost peppers tacos, but you’re the truth Indeed Are you ready for the consequences of your choice? These actions will affect not only you. The world around you will change, people will look at you differently; Will your date look at you with admiration… or disgust? Yes, I’m still talking about tacos, but it’s actually an analogy with Infernax. Depending on your moral choice, the inhabitants of the world will behave differently around you. Maybe you will be more respected, maybe you will start a quarrel between two neighbors, it is up to you and only you to decide. Also, if you want tacos, always follow your heart.

These branching paths also affect your character, some skills will depend on your choice, making your decision more than just cosmetic. Your actions can unlock certain abilities, and no, I’m really not talking about tacos this time, we’re done with them.

battle scene

ever burning passion

They say (these people were made up for this joke) that the more you wait for something, the more wonderful it is when you finally get it. Does this wisdom apply to true love? We don’t know, we just make games. But what we know is that Infernax is the result of true, raw passion; what else could have made us spend over a decade on this game other than that?

We sincerely hope that you can find a place in your heart to play our game, or a place in someone’s heart, we are not really picky, just play our game.

Infernax Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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PC Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

STORY Infernax follows the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it afflicted by unholy magic. In your quest to find and destroy the source of this corruption by any means necessary, you will encounter ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts and dangerous landscapes. ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES Every decision you make is critical, would you rather: ⦁ kill or help someone? ⦁ use your experience gained from chopping monsters to get more life, mana or damage? Think carefully before deciding what to do, my friend. A single choice can change the game; remember what you did to that guy? Farmer Pepper remembers. FACE EFFECTS Smash as many monsters as you can to get some money, spend your savings to buy better weapons and armor from the blacksmith, prepare and get stronger to smash even more faces! Each choice you make unlocks various side quests to get powerful weapons and skills or money. Storm the castle and kill their bosses before the more innocent people fall under the mysterious curse that haunts your land. After all, only you can save the land of Upel. these monsters, however you decide to do it; What are you dude..

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