Live A Live Remake Stream Unveils Four New Trailers And Gameplay Footage

Image: Square Enix

We have loads of new Live A Live news! Square Enix’s upcoming remake of the Super Famicom role-playing game was streamed live today, featuring original director and remake producer Takashi Tokita and now-legendary original composer Yoko Shimomura. And in this thread, we got some new trailers, each showcasing one of four different time periods.

We’ve already seen Prehistory and Imperial China, so the next four will be new to those not familiar with the game. However, it is worth saying one thing: they all look marvelous. Thanks to Square Enix Asia for posting the English trailers!

Wild West

This script features a character known only as Sundown or The Sundown Kid and it is likely that the action takes place around the 1880s. And hell, if Clint Eastwood ever starred in an RPG, this would be it. And it looks like there will be several chances for the good old showdown.

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, you will control Oersted, a knight (and silent protagonist) on a mission to save the princes. He is joined by three more to save their fiancée, but is eventually tricked by the being that kidnapped her – the Demon King. This one is the most similar to a traditional RPG, but it’s also the eighth chapter you can play. You must defeat all seven others before unlocking this one.

Near future

Motorcycles! Robots! Real roads! SUNGLASSES! If this was the not-too-distant future in 1994, then why don’t we live like this now? Starring Akira (yes), an orphaned teenager who lives with his sister, you need to find out why the gang is kidnapping people. There are shiny 3D robots and a lot of eye close-ups, so it’s like a really cool pixelated interactive anime or mech movie.

Twilight Edo Japan

As a trainee ninja, Oboro-maru can progress through his scenario in two different ways – traditional RPG combat or sneaking. He has to save a politically significant person, despite his inexperience, but desperate times, huh? Whether you choose stealth or combat, it won’t stop you from gaining experience points, which makes both options pretty tempting.

During the broadcast, the hosts also showed off a brand new soundtrack for the game. Yoko Shimomura supervised the arrangements herself, and the CD comes out on July 27 – just a few days after the game.

During the broadcast, there was also a fairly short gameplay segment showcasing “The Real Day” (which was not shown with a trailer during the broadcast) in Edo, Japan.

The present tense starts at about 58:17 with a fighting game style selection screen. This chapter is all about combat, without any intermediate research, as you fight as the wrestler Masaru Takahara to become the strongest fighter in the world.

The twilight of the Edo period in Japan begins around 1:07:15and for nearly 30 minutes we get to see the beautiful Edo period rendered in HD-2D and the different ways Oboro can sneak and hide from his opponents.

You can watch the entire event below. The live broadcast is entirely in Japanese with no subtitles, but the enthusiasm and visuals are more than enough to set you up for the upcoming release. The game releases July 22 on Switch, so find out where you can pre-order your copy here:

Let us know your thoughts on the Live A Live remake in the comments!

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