Limited Edition Mushihimesama Receives Fantastic Mini Arcade Switch

Musihimesama might be a name that might be difficult for some to even pronounce, but don’t let that get in the way, as it’s also a fantastic shooter game on Switch. Originally a hit arcade game in 2004 from the Cave Masters, we highly praised the updated HD version on Switch in our Mushihimesama review.

Limited Run Games has confirmed that it has various physical versions of the game opening for pre-orders later this week, and one of them is particularly grabbing our attention. First of all, you can see all the details below:

No prizes for guessing that this was the third product to grab our attention, with a stylish “mini arcade cabinet” in which your Switch will play a game in vertical TATE mode using the Joy-Con as a joystick and buttons. It’s unbearably adorable, and Limited Run Games has confirmed that it will fit the standard Switch and OLED model – unsurprisingly without the Lite.

Below is an enlarged image so you can appreciate its magnificence.

Image: Limited Run Games

Yeah, tempting …

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