Life, death, taxes and turnip cultivation are guaranteed in this charming social simulation

Turnip-growing social sim Minabo – A Walk Through Life is coming to Switch on April 28, publisher SelectaPlay has announced. And yes, this is really a game about life as a turnip.

Developer DevilishGames has created a cute little adventure in which you walk your turnip through life – from baby to death. During their lives, you will have to make many difficult decisions: who to be friends with, whether to marry, whether to have children or look after elders. It’s an innocent version of the metaphor for life as well as growing your little turnip friend. Hey, life is hard as a turnip!

The trailer (above) really sums it up nicely – it has a warm art style, it looks cozy, but it handles life’s challenges quite well. To learn more about the game, check out what the publisher has to say:

Minabo – Walk Through Life is a cozy indie game where players have to grow their own turnip and experience its entire life cycle from start to finish, interacting with other turnips and the environment. Make friends, create families, and take care of pets to build relationships in fast-paced playthroughs.

As life progresses, players will have to make difficult decisions about your social interactions. Will they marry a turnip and have children, or will they choose to stay single and take care of their parents in their last days? Minabo – A Walk Through Life is a pure (and tough) metaphor for life!

Players will enjoy eye-catching visuals and charming characters for all viewers, completing 25 quests full of life-changing moments inspired by the consultant psychologists involved in the development. Replay free life mode to change path again and share your life story on social media.

Minabo – A Walk Through Life will be available on the Switch online store on April 28. €13.49 / $13.49 / £13.49. Will you experience life through the eyes of a turnip? Let us know about it in the comments.

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