Level-5 Megaton Musashi’s Mech RPG Coming Free to Switch This December

Update [Sun 18th Sep, 2022 02:45 BST]: Level-5 has confirmed that the Megaton Mushashi X will launch exclusively in Japan on December 1st. Below is the trailer and gameplay footage (via Gematsu):

Original article [Sat 2nd Jul, 2022 02:35 BST]: Level-5, known for series such as Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven and Yo-kai Watch, has announced that its mech RPG Megaton Musashi will be free-to-play in Japan this fall.

Megaton Musashi X will include six major content updates that Megaton Musashi has received since it launched on Switch in 2021, as well as new content. This includes story season 2, online PVP battles, new gear, characters, weapons and stages (thanks Gematsu).

Save data from the original game will be transferred to Megaton Musashi X, and players who do so will be able to purchase a special set of items with an exclusive mechanism. Getter Robo and Mazinger Z will also be joining the free-to-play Megaton Musashi launch later this year.

There is no word on the localization of this new version of the game, but if anything changes, we will let you know. Megaton Musashi also goes beyond the game and is accompanied by anime, manga, and various other merchandise in Japan.

Would you like to play such an F2P game? Have you played any other Level 5 games lately? Tell us below.

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