Let’s Get Happy Home Designer Into Animal Crossing: New Horizons

So, unlike most people, I actually played Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I don’t blame those of you who didn’t – it’s a weird little by-product that fades out pretty quickly and lacks the liveliness of Animal Crossing itself, but … well … there is something special about it. it does not matter.

Admittedly, I played Happy Home Designer because I was paid j. A day ago, I reviewed this for The Guardianand this is what I had to say:

“This is a massive improvement to the home design elements of the otherwise excellent Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with more stuff, more options, more features – and a much better interface for actually placing furniture, going from the awkward drag of the sofa to the simpler top-down mesh. allowing you to select, lower and rotate with the stylus. “

But unfortunately, the home decor aspect without the life simulator aspect gets a little boring after a while:

“Like the doodles from Grand Designs, Happy Home Designer doesn’t really know what he wants and suffers because of it. This may not be the newest Animal Crossing – it is too small. , a home decorating game, but not as a full-fledged standalone release. This is a life simulator that prevents you from living.

If this was an episode of Grand Designs, and I was Kevin McCloud, I would turn to the camera right now and say, “Well, this is not exactly what we all wanted, but … I think it will do.” Roll your eyes. Scroll through credits. “

(Don’t worry too much about everyone Grand Design References. I was going on the topic.)

To summarize: Happy Home Designer was pretty much a testing ground for New Horizons’ vastly improved home decorating material, although it was also redesigned in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. And like HHD, ACNH is almost entirely focused on the interior design aspect rather than life simulation materials, which is one of the reasons so many people get a little frustrated with the game almost two years after launch.

But here’s the idea: what if we had Happy Home Designer abilities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Today, when I was writing the article “What would you like to see from The Animal Crossing Direct,” I saw several people on the Internet talking about how they would like to decorate the homes of other residents. I didn’t even have counts idea until suddenly it was all i could think of

Skull of the moon!  Everybody wants a moon skull
Skull of the moon! Everybody wants a moon skull

Imagine that one day Tom Nook begins to tell you about his friend. They used to do business together, but now this buddy wants to move to this gorgeous paradise on the island to reopen the store. This buddy’s name? Lyle. His business? Home decoration.

But your house is already decorated … so what’s his job? Decorating OTHER HOUSES. FINALLY. I have visited enough villagers’ homes to know that their sense of style is absolutely pantsand I would give anything to help my starter villagers get something better than their first homes. Besides, I keep giving Kyle tools, and he keeps putting them in stupid places like an idiot. LET ME HELP YOU, MY SWEET, FOOL FRIENDS.

Kyle, you're such a himbo.  I love you but let me help
Kyle, you’re such a himbo. I love you but let me help

So Lyle and Lottie move to town and maybe even Digby, Isabelle’s brother, helps you demolish and build other people’s houses from the inside. Maybe we could even add rooms to the villagers’ houses as we all have too much money to spend! I don’t mind paying mortgages to other people! I am loaded and generous !!

I know people are asking for more urgent additions to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I understand – and agree. I would also like to see more fish, beetles and furniture. But imagine how game-changing this is – the ability to decorate every home on the island! Using all the furniture we have been hoarding! And, most importantly, a way to bring all other homes up to acceptable standards!

What do you mean, “Kate, are you the kind of person who has control problems”? No. Shut up.

Diana, you're cute, but you live in a toilet.  Come on.
Diana, you’re cute, but you live in a toilet. Come on.

Do you agree with me? Would it be a good idea and would it bring you back? Let us know in the usual place!

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