Lemon Cake is a super sweet bakery management game coming to Switch soon

Maybe it’s just us, but right now there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of ​​quitting your job, moving to the countryside, opening a café and raising chickens. It’s not that we don’t love our job, mind you, it’s just that everyday city life is nowhere near as attractive as living in the forest.

Well, at least we have games like Lemon Cake to escape to. This rewarding cafe management game starts with the player using a friendly ghost to restore an old bakery and turn it into a cafe. With recipes to learn, a greenhouse to look after, and chickens and cows to give you fresh ingredients, hopefully you won’t have time until your cafe starts to turn a profit.

Lemon Cake will release on Nintendo Switch along with PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions in September 2022. A physical version of the game will also be released, though we don’t have further information on pricing or pre-orders.

Are you excited about the lemon cake concept? Let us know about it in the comments.

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